• graphic design/ illustration
    Great design is imperative for a successful business. When a potential customer sees your aesthetic or "brand," they will immediately develop an opinion about the quality of your business based on its design. The goal is to attract customers to your business through unique and thoughtful design, and I'm here to help!

  • branding
    Your brand (colors/ fonts, logos, business cards, marketing materials, etc.) should be consistent and describe who you are as a company. My job for your brand is to: 
    1. Research and develop a concept that is relevant to your industry and stands out from your competitors
    2. Design and execute that concept all the way to the finish line
  • layouts
    Layouts can be anything from a two hundred page book to a simple magazine ad. Designed type is just as important as graphics!
  • portrait photography
    I can provide both professional and creative portrait photography. I have years of experience with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to color correct, manipulate, and retouch photos.